General Data Protection Regulation

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Introduction to GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive set of rules enacted to empower EU citizens with greater control over their personal data. It forms the foundation of digital privacy legislation in Europe, mandating organizations to gather personal data legally and with strict safeguards, while protecting it from misuse and upholding the rights of the data owners.

Cowlendar Booking Appointment’s Compliance &  BIG digital download’s Compliance 

Cowlendar Booking Appointment (“Cowlendar”, “we”, “us”, or “our company”) has implemented robust technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data stored via our services. In alignment with GDPR requirements, we have updated our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other relevant guidelines to demonstrate our commitment to data protection. Our approach ensures transparent and accountable collection and processing of personal data across our platforms.

Data Rectification and Portability

We actively monitor and rectify any inaccuracies in the personal data we hold. This is done either on our own initiative or upon request from the data subject, ensuring it does not infringe on our intellectual property rights. Cowlendar provides features allowing users to export their data, such as an “export to CSV” function in the admin panel. However, data derived from analytics and insights, which is not directly provided by the data subject, is exempted from this facility.

Data Collection & Processing

Cowlendar values honest and transparent communication with its users. We disclose all data collection and processing activities to our users, adhering to strict security measures for lawful and secure data handling. Our primary entities for data collection include:

These entities may collect data through tracking pixels, UTM parameters, cookies, or directly from form submissions. This data collection enables us to make informed decisions to enhance our solutions and user experience.

Third-Party Processors

Cowlendar utilizes several third-party tools and services for data processing, including but not limited to:

Entity Third Party Processor Data Policy
Cowlendar app

BIG digital download app
Redis Privacy policy
Gmail Google data retention
Open AI Enterprise Privacy Policy, Sharing and Publication Policy, Privacy Policy
Digital Ocean Data retention
Resend Data Policy
MongoDB Privacy Hub
Support Docs Google Analytics Data collected, Data retention policy
Shopify App Store Google Analytics

Data collected, Data retention policy

Live chat (support) Crisp

Data Policy

Data Storage – Method & Location

Our user data is stored and processed as follows:

Data Type Data Processor Purpose of Data Collection Location
Cowlendar App data like bookings, services, abandoned bookings, customer messages, support, email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information Digital Ocean Cowlendar stores crucial data related to the services offered by our users, including details of bookings made, emails, and other relevant communications associated with these bookings. Those data are Customer Details: Names, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other contact information provided by the customers using the app.
Appointment Details: Dates, times, specific services booked, and any special requests or notes related to the appointments.
Service Provider Information: Details about the individuals or entities offering the services, including their schedules, service descriptions, and availability.
Payment Information: While the app itself might not store credit card details, it may process transaction amounts, payment statuses, and payment methods (excluding sensitive financial details).Our data storage practices are designed to enhance user interaction with our app, enabling us to deliver a streamlined service
Frankfurt, GERMANY
Emails and Notifications Resend An email SaaS (Software as a Service) such as Resend is essential for a Shopify booking app as it automates the process of sending booking confirmations and reminders, both to the merchant and the customer. It ensures timely and efficient communication, reducing the chances of missed appointments and enhancing customer service. Additionally, this integration streamlines workflow, enabling the app to manage large volumes of emails reliably and effectively.
West Coast, USA
Backups of Cowlendar app Digital Ocean In the unlikely event of any major data loss we have measures to recover our main database created with regular backups.
Frankfurt, GERMANY

Data Retention

Cowlendar retains customer data for both paying and trial users. For trial users, data is retained for 60 days post-trial, allowing for potential continuation of service. For paying customers, data is retained for 60 days post-contract termination, subject to renewal or user request for deletion. Exceptions may apply in cases of legal, billing, or accounting necessities.

Data Deletion

Upon account deactivation, we initiate a deletion process, permanently erasing data 75 days post-deactivation. This timeline can be expedited upon customer request. Please send use an email at with [GDPR DELETION] as the email subject.

Privacy Policy

For more detailed information on our privacy practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy here.

Contact Us

For inquiries or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or data practices, please contact us at

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